Why you should choose us?


Fair pricing policy

More than 12 years of experience

Qualified teaching personnel

Individual approach to each student

Throughout our activity, we are improving old and developing new methods and programs that meet the latest requirements and trends.


More than 10,000 students are successfully enrolled in our courses every year, while the range of teaching methods and programs is constantly expanding. Students are offered a variety of packages of educational services, where everyone can choose the most suitable course and format of training.  Unity's attention to the educational services most in demand today does not prevent it from carefully preserving the best traditions of academic education.


Of course, as with any course, the main pride of UNITY LANGUAGE CENTER is the teaching staff. All our teachers are carefully selected and constantly improve their qualifications. All UNITY LANGUAGE CENTER team members periodically undergo special trainings designed to increase their potential and reveal new opportunities for growth.


UNITY LANGUAGE CENTER is a course in which training gives the listener unconditional freedom to discover other languages and countries. The company considers it its mission to give its customers the freedom to communicate on an equal footing, being in any country in the world, and effectively achieve their goals, without having obstacles in the form of a language barrier. We have such an opportunity thanks to the unique methodological base and the principle of work, which we have not changed for more than 10 years: we treat the listeners the way we want them to treat us.